Eating konjac for healthy life

Konjac Jelly Pouch, Strawberry + Melon [Autumn&Winter Only]
Konjac Jelly Pouch, Mandarin orange [Autumn&Winter Only]
Konjac Jelly Pouch, Lychee

Tasty Snack Stomach-filling

  • To accompany for events
  • At girl's parties
  • Snack at the office


Tasty and beautify your stomach - Unique texture, Easy to eatSachet series

[Enjoy 2 different flavors] Good value (12 pieces per bag)
Konjac Jelly Pouch, Grapefruit + Pineapple
Plenty of fruity flavors
Konjac Jelly Pouch, Apple + Grape
For a quick snack Konjac Jelly Pouch, Apple + Grape
Konjac Jelly Pouch, Muscat + Orange
6 pieces/bag
Konjac Jelly Pouch, cherry
Everyone loves it Konjac Jelly Pouch, cherry
Konjac Jelly Pouch, banana
Refreshing taste
Konjac Jelly Pouch, Grape
Unique texture!
Konjac Jelly Pouch, Peach
Konjac Jelly Pouch, Muscat
Plenty of fruity flavor!
Konjac Jelly Pouch, 0kcal Grapefruit
Refreshing grapefruits taste (no juice)
Konjac Jelly Pouch, grfcat
Plenty of fruity flavor!
Safe & Easy
How to eat - Push out and Eat
● When children and seniors eat, please be careful not to clog the throat with parents attending. ● Once you freeze, it will be harder. Do not freeze. ● Water droplets may be inside of the bag, but there is no problem with the quality. ● Too much eating may upset your stomach. ● Small black dots can be seen rarely, it is a peel of konjac so there is no problem in quality. ● Please be careful not to cut your hands when opening.
Notes on storage
● The longer storage period, the less unique texture. Eat as early as possible.

[Orihiro Konjac Jelly] Now TV commercial on air now!

Orihiro Konjac jelly Sachet series [Switch and enjoy the jelly]

Orihiro Konjac jelly Standing series [Eating idea]

Good when you are a little bid hungry

  • After exercises
  • When busy at work
  • Between lessons

Sachet series

[Great taste, and happy for stomach] Various flavors, Easy to carry Standing series

Konjac Jelly Standing, che
Everyone loves it
Konjac Jelly Standing, Banana
Refreshing taste Konjac Jelly Standing, Banana
Konjac Jelly Standing, grape
Plenty of fruity flavors! Konjac Jelly Standing, Lychee
Konjac Jelly Standing, Grape
Unique texture!
Konjac Jelly Standing, Apple
When you are on diet Konjac Jelly Standing, Peach
Konjac Jelly Standing, Muscat
Plenty of fruity flavors! Konjac Jelly Standing, Muscat
Safe & Easy
How to eat
The tastes have been improved.

● When you open, the cap and the ring will be separated. ● Please eat immediately after opening. ● Do not warm or freeze. ● Please stop consuming if you do not feel right. ● If you refrigerate it, taste may be better. ● To avoid clogging the throat, please be careful and chew well.

We are working on safety and tasty food production.

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